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Latent Community 

Artist collective formed 2017: Sotiris Tsiganos (he/him) born 1992, Athens, Greece; and Ionian Bisai (he/him) born 1992, Saranda, Albania. Live and work in Athens, Greece.


single-channel video, sound

8:15 minutes

Courtesy of the artists, Athens, Greece.

Latent Community’s interdisciplinary practice teases out underexposed stories and sheds light on them in new contexts. NEROMANNA tells the story of Kallio, a village in Fokida, Greece, whose inhabitants were evicted in 1969. Kallio flooded in 1981 after being submerged in an artificial lake, which occurred as a result of the construction of the Mornos dam that was to be used as a water reservoir for the city of Athens. In the video work, the people of Kallio share their story of forced removal as the film hauntingly moves through its underwater ruins. The narrators lament: “we had to drown so that people could drink water.”


Held in the water are the community’s memories of home and their sense of identity. Since the dam levels fluctuate according to changing weather conditions, the former inhabitants of Kallio occasionally come to the lake to remember their lives in the village. In times of drought when the water level is low, the inhabitants can see fragments of their home appear. Drawing attention to the impact of large-scale engineering projects on place-making and belonging, NEROMANNA highlights that no story is insignificant. Latent Community elicits a relational environment of stories and belonging, which considers the power and politics of water.


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